Why are non-woven bags called ‘green’ or ‘eco’ bags?

The single use plastic bags that were initially being used by supermarkets were eventually ending up in land-fills and thus polluting the environment. The non-woven bags were introduced in order to safeguard the environment and also provide an alternative to plastic that is sturdy and durable.

Are non-woven bags environmentally friendly?

Yes. Non-woven bags are called environment friendly because they leave no ecological footprint. This contributes in waste reduction and also encourages the movement away from one-use products.

What makes polypropylene so good to use as a fabric?

It is a tough material and also water repelling at the same time. It can be easily printed, even with some of the most complex designs by simply heat transferring them or screen printing them. All the things that are made from polypropylene are recyclable.

Is polypropylene also a form of plastic?

Polypropylene is not another plastic material. It is a strong material that can be dyed in any colour and can be created into different shapes and sizes for bag manufacturing. It is recyclable and thus environment friendly.